Over a period of time, we become a product of the people who surround us. That’s something I learned the hard way. Every one of us has a story and they all contain ups and downs. Choices in which we take pride in and decision we regret making. These could all be difficult memories with which we must live, but ultimately, it’s about the lessons we can learn from our failures.

We are all reflections of the people we keep in our lives and interact with on a daily basis.  It’s so important to surround yourself with people who make you happy. People who make you laugh and who help you when you’re in need. They are the ones who are worth keeping in your life; everyone else is just passing through. Your environment shapes who you are and who you will become.

You’re in total control of your life and the choices you make, so why not place yourself in a positive and engaging environment, one that suits your needs? The best example is to look at the most successful figures in the world today. Why do you think the elite try to place themselves in environments full of like-minded individuals? Believe it or not, even the most powerful and successful people out there have weaknesses that are no different from yours. Surrounding them with other individuals, who are on the same path or who have been through similar journeys, allows them to learn more about themselves. It’s time to associate yourself with people who are on the journey to make changes in their lives and yours, rather than individuals who aren’t in any great position or aren’t making a difference. It is essential for you to grow as a person. Role models or notable figures that we aspire to become don’t always have to be well known. It could be your closest friend or someone you know someone who will help you and encourage you to become the person you want to be and who can guide you on your journey.