In order to be able to pick up comfortable and stylish clothes for your lower half, it is important that you understand the role of trousers and what all options you have in picking them. Pants bring everything together even when they are not the star of the show. While purchasing items for your wardrobe, buying dress pants can be a little overwhelming, considering the various types available in the market. But, it also shows how specifically you need to pair your pants with your upper garments.

The two types of must-have dress pants have been discussed in this section. And once you get a better understanding of dress pants and how to find the best type and fit, you will be able to select the most appropriate ones for yourself.

Professional Dress Pants: Most offices around the world have their own dress codes, some are lenient while others are strictly formal which typically means wearing a formal attire with dark Pleated or Plain-Front Pants.

Pleats can be defined as little folds in the garment’s fabric that have been fixed in place. These pleats add flexibility and suppleness to the front of your pants. They help in keeping a smooth-draped look when you sit or stretch and go with most body types. Pants with a plain-front, on the other hand, are better suited for slim, tall men.

However, if you need to choose between the two, it is recommended that you buy pleated pants as they are more comfortable and go with most body types.

Casual Dress Pants: In a workplace that allows casual wear, you can wear casual dress pants to give yourself a sharper look. Khaki pants and Chinos can be worn as part of a casual business attire. They look great with polo shirts and give you much more comfort than professional dress pants.

After choosing the type you want, you must make sure that it fits you perfectly. Determine the most appropriate size of pants for yourself in order to maintain the overall look of your attire. It can be difficult to find the perfect sized dress pants and you may need to hire a tailor for proper measurement. It will cost you a little more but, remember, having the perfect fit is as important as owning dress pants.