“The secret of great style is to feel good in what you wear.”

Casual is the dress code that emphasizes comfort. Casual wear garments are mostly centered around young men. As young people tend to be more active, quirky and carefree, this clothing style suits them the best. Casual wear is light, comfortable and easy to move in. It is perfect for you restless, young men. On the other hand, Formals are usually for mature men who have to look more determined, serious and professional in front of others rather than being seen as relaxed and loosened up. This does not mean that casual wear is in any way inferior to formal wear. It is just that they are very different from each other.

Different varieties of casual wear dedicated to different types of occasions are available in the market. They are:

Active Casual: These clothes are appropriate for activities in which you have to be physically active. Active casuals are light-weight and provide great flexibility. Hence, they are easy to move in. These are the sort of clothes you wear to the gym or when you go for a run.

Smart Casual: This one is a bit difficult to explain. Well, when you perfectly blend casuals with formals, you are wearing smart casuals. It is actually very difficult to look perfect as it mixes two very different attires. The popularity of Smart Casuals has shot up in the past few years. T-shirt, jeans and blazer is a usual combination we get to see under this category.

Dressy Casual: This attire is mostly formal clothing with a touch of casual clothes. It is suited for non-formal events like a dinner with  friends, where even though you want to look sharp but also not too fancy.

Business Casual: It is a relaxed version of the classic business attire that doesn’t sacrifice its professionalism and personal power. It is a recent addition to the casual style clothing which is rapidly being adopted by the corporate sector where you will hardly see men dressed in fully formal clothes. This switch was made as business casuals are fresh and easy to work in. Also, they are low maintenance and can be worn on a daily basis.

The wide range of casual style clothing offers you many combinations to choose from. Pick up the ones that suit you the best and make heads turn.