“Men in general judge more by their eyes than by their hands, because seeing is given to everyone, touching to few. Everyone sees how you appear, few touch what you are.” MACHIAVELLI, The Prince, CH. XVIII 

‘First impression is the last impression.’ It is not just a saying but also a tested reality.  Your appearance plays an important role in making long lasting impression. And this comes from your personal style and the way you groom yourself. Style is the manner in which you present or express yourself. Grooming is the way you take care of yourself and is a consistent act of self- care. Both the elements are equally important to make an impact.

Style of a man comprises of the clothes, shoes and accessories he chooses to wear, the words he chooses to speak, the way he walks and other ways in which he conducts himself. Grooming, on the other hand, comprises of how clean and hygienic he is which includes how often he shaves, trims his nails, gets a haircut, showers etc.

Style and grooming is an overall check of a man’s personality and therefore leaves a long lasting impression. Apart from this, a stylish and well-groomed man is more confident, energized and vivacious. He is everyone’s first choice.


This section will shed light on various aspects of style and grooming. The elements of both style as well as grooming will be discussed in detail.