Fitness can be defined as the quality or the state of being fit. It is a general state of health and well being or the ability to perform sports activities as well as physical daily activities, such as exercise. It is generally achieved through proper nutrition. However, mere nutrition is not sufficient to be physically fit. You must also get proper rest, exercise, and maintain a proper diet in order to remain healthy and fit. In today’s world, people are staying very active and staying active means their body is functioning at a very high level. And only regular exercise can help a person to stay active for a long period of time. Regular exercise by lifting weights will help you improve muscular strength as well as doing aerobic and cardio exercises will increase your endurance. It also decreases the risks of heart diseases and other chronic and acute diseases. Regular exercise will  reduce doctor visits.

Physical fitness offers lots of benefits, physically, mentally as well as socially. In addition to this, it also helps you look better. According to a number of studies, physical activities bring a sense of value and purpose, improved sleep, a better quality of life, and reduces stress.  Physical activities also help build stronger relationships and social connections. On the other hand, lack of physical fitness often leads to anxiety, stress and feelings of depression. Researchers even suggest that lack of physical fitness is deadlier than smoking.

Regular fitness activities are meant for all and everybody must perform it regularly. As per research studies, one of the most important times to maintain an exercise regimen is adulthood. This is the ideal time to maintain your body weight, bones and blood pressure. Regular fitness is important for younger generations also. During this period of time, most of the kids suffer from obesity or over weight. Children who spend their time in front of computers, mobiles, etc. tend to weaken their eyesight at a very early age. Therefore, fitness is meant for all the age groups and genders. In order to lead a healthy and rich life, avoid sitting alone at your home and start going out and get involved in as much fitness activities as possible. So cut off the television and get off the couch and go to the gym!