To assist in developing your confidence a key component is to have a strong workout regimen. One that will transform your body to be strong and healthy

What made me want to write this article was because when I was a young adult I use to coach a basketball team of kids who got expelled from a traditional school and had to attend an alternative school. Well these kids comprised of gang members, alleged drug dealers and bullies and I must say these teenagers tested me all the time. One day one of the teenagers who was a gang leader told me, “J you proved that you are tough; however, we would not have tested you if you were bigger. It is all about your armor!” Well, I thought about what he said and he was right, because I used to get into scuffles because I was slim. When I graduated from college I was 6’-1” and weight 170 pounds. It was until I was 26 that I started lifting weights seriously. At that time, I worked for a consulting firm in Arlington, Virginia as a computer programmer, whereby I was working at the Navy Annex which  was the Headquarters of the Navy. Of course, they had a gym so after work I would work out with some of my friends who were in the Navy and the Marines. Some of these guys could have been pro bodybuilders, by working out with these guys I learned how to really lift some steel and I started to grow and get stronger. Just in a short period of time I reached over 200 pounds and people who knew me noticed that I was more confident and more physical playing basketball. As time went on I learned the science behind developing my body by reading books, asking people who were bodybuilders and later by searching the internet and watching YouTube of individuals who I aspired to look like physically. I studied their workout routines, diet, supplements and next thing you know people started asking me these questions. I also noticed before when I was 170, and I was in a crowd of people and a guy may bump into me he would look at me and frown like he wanted to fight. I guess that is the alpha male thing to do, but once I was bigger, more muscular when walking in a crow and someone bumps into me, they say “excuse me sir”. It is funny how male’s primal instincts appear when around other males. Also, I remember living in New York you could be walking down what appears to be an empty street, but there are sometimes predators looking were you can’t see them and they are telling themselves, “Does he have something that we can take?” Then they say, “Do you think we can take it?  Maybe, but we might get hurt!” because the individual may be physically imposing they will pass on their attempts. So, it is important to be physically fit not just to have muscles, but for your health, to have more energy, more confidence and simply not to be a weak man.

Today a lot of males depend on their wife or girlfriend to take care of them, which is sad unless you have become ill or have a disability. In the beginning of time males use to hunt and fish to provide for their families. Today we work civilized jobs that provide us with income to support our families; however, a lot of us sit behind a desk and become soft because of lack of physical activity and they become the marshmallow man. That is why it is important to have some type of workout routine to reduce fat, build muscle, endurance and energy. Remember it is all about your armor!