What is the first thing that catches our eye when it comes to men and style? Is it his shoes, the way he’s dressed, the watch he’s wearing or how well he’s groomed? What is it that a woman wants to see in a man when it comes to style and fashion? In this article I will touch on a few DO’s and DON’TS when it comes to men and style and why self-esteem is so incredibly important.

Let me start with a few simple, yet VERY important, things women don’t want to see IN a man or ON a man. What I’m about to share with you may be shocking and surprising, but it’s true. It’s not a piece of clothing or footwear nor is it in the way he’s groomed. What is it? Confidence! He may be wearing a designer suit or a pair of the most expensive shoes, but if he lacks confidence and self-esteem then he lacks style. Yes the two go hand in hand. Why spend $3,000 on a suit or even $100 on a suit and you don’t have the confidence to wear it with confidence and style. It’s not all always about the price tag it’s about your ‘swag’ your ‘style’ the way you carry yourself and most importantly the way and the manner in which you can command the room.

Confidence and self-esteem in a man is critical. Women can sense the lack of confidence in a man a mile away. This is something you can’t buy in today’s society and if you want to achieve any type of success on any level you must have it, this is not an option. If you want to achieve success and have a strong sense of style you must accessorize it with CONFIDENCE. Without confidence you’re wasting your time and your money. When you invest in yourself and achieve this confidence you will be the man that commands the room. Your walk, your hand shake and your eye contact will scream I have arrived! With confidence and self-esteem you become the man that’s not afraid and the one that takes ownership of the room. A man with confidence is a man that will be noticed and not just by women! Your colleagues, your peers your audience.

Style is also something that can’t be bought, however, style is defined as a distinctive manner of expression or a fashionable elegance. This is such a critical expression for men to have and once you’ve achieved your own sense of style you’ve discovered something that most men struggle to find.

When a woman first notices a man she notices how fit he is and well he looks in his clothes. Hint number one, oversized baggy clothes are not flattering on men; actually most women hate this look. We love seeing men wearing jeans that fit, especially when it shows off their butt. Yes, it’s true; we enjoy seeing a man in jeans that fit his body just right. Not too tight, not too loose.

This rule applies when wearing suits, shirts and jackets. A well-dressed man takes years of practice; it’s not something that comes easy. This is achievable you just have to put time and effort into it. Men underestimate how important style and elegance is. I think when men understand the importance of this concept they will begin to achieve things they never thought possible.

Just a few simple rules men:

  • Confidence and self-esteem are critical to your style
  • Choose clothes that fit your body type
  • Choose the right colors for you
  • Etiquette – understand it and embrace it
  • Know your style personality
  • Don’t be afraid to communicate with your partner in regards to complimenting one another when it comes to dress/style (you can help each other)

Bottom line men. Dressing for success is the key, whether you’re attending a basketball game with jeans, t-shirt and sneakers, attending a formal black tie affair or sealing the biggest deal in your professional career. Put an effort into your image and style and trust me you will be noticed. You never know who’s watching!