How to Build a Successful Life

Everybody wants to live a successful life, yet no one wants to do the key things to build a successful life. Success looks different for each person and the majority of individuals believe that having lots of money, a good job and material things makes them successful. Well let me tell you that a person is not truly successful unless he develops himself to be the best possible person that he can be. Live up to his highest potential, which can be done by the continuous development of your Mind, Body and Soul. These are the key components for not just building a successful life, but becoming a complete person:


A man must develop and control his mind to be successful. This must be done on a daily basis for the rest of your life. This means that daily an individual should educate himself through books, audios, mentors, seminars and/or course work. It is of the upmost importance for an individual to have confidence and to keep positive thoughts constantly in their head.

Identify and define your purpose in life – Everyone was put here on earth to make a contribution and everyone has unique talents that they were giving to make a contribution; however, most people don’t realize their purpose and talents because they are followers. They get confused by seeing someone that is perceived to be successful and they might try to emulate that individual; however, this can be a big mistake because this individual’s talents, purpose and attributes are theirs and not yours.

We have to really evaluate and determine what our true aspirations, goals, talents, strengths and purpose to fully develop our highest potential to society. With that said, here are few things that you should do to meet these objectives:

Build a career based on your purpose in life

According to Napoleon Hill the renowned Author who wrote “Think and Grow Rich”, He says that you should have one high, desirable, outstanding goal, and keep it ever before you. You can have many none conflicting goals which help you to reach your major definite goal. It is advisable to have immediate, intermediate, and distant objectives. When you set a definite major goal, you are apt to recognize that which will help you achieve it. Determine or fix in your mind exactly what you desire. Be definite, evaluate and determine exactly what you will give in return. Set a definite date for exactly when you intend to possess your desire. Identify your desire with a definite plan for carrying out and achieving your objective. Put your plan into action at once. Clearly define your plan for achievement. Write out precisely and concisely exactly what you want, exactly when you want to achieve it, and exactly what you intend to give in return. Each and every day, morning and evening, read your written statement aloud. As you read it, see, feel, and believe yourself already in possession of your objective.

Engage in personal inspection with regularity to determine whether you are on the right track and headed in the right direction so that you don’t deviate from the path that leads to the achievement of your objective. To guarantee success, engage daily in study, thinking, and planning time with Positive Mental Attitude regarding yourself and your family and how you can achieve your definite goals.

Hill, Napoleon (1997-10-01). Napoleon Hill’s Keys to Success: The 17 Principles of Personal Achievement (p. 215). Penguin Publishing Group. Kindle Edition.

Build a Positive Mental Attitude

You must try to always keep your thoughts in a positive state. You must think optimistically and give gratitude for the things that you have. You must believe that everyone is working in your best interest. Stay away from negative people, gossipers and dream killers.

Establish Good Habits

  • In order to be successful you must establish consistent and repeatable processes to move you towards your goals and objectives. It is a reason why in the military, soldiers must rise early, have their beds made, shoes shined, uniforms pressed and put on neatly and workout early mornings daily during basic training. The reason why these habits must be developed is because it helps the soldier to build positive habits, discipline, confidence, being consistent, following repeatable processes. It puts the soldier in unison with the other soldiers, to be more efficient, mentally and physically prepared and ready for combat. I am not saying to be a soldier, but you should get up early and not be distracted by oversleeping, wasting time with over consumption of TV, partying, and alcohol. You must establish good habits like having a consistent workout routine, having a healthy diet, develop yourself through self-improvement books, videos and audios, as well as having good hygiene, grooming habits and personal appearance.

Invest in your most valuable asset (Yourself): Study and read biographies of successful people, career oriented and self-help books often

A key component to be successful is developing yourself to your highest potential. Your existence is not to live a marginal life, but to thrive. In order to thrive you must study and master your definite purpose by attaining wisdom and knowledge through not just a formal education, that’s just the beginning, but through books, seminars, videos, audios and mentors. Because when all fails, say you lose your job, your spouse, your business and your assets you can get it back because you developed yourself to achieve your successes again, as well as learn from your failures.

Surround yourself with individuals who are smarter and more accomplished than you

You must develop and create relationships with individuals who are smarter than you. This will help you to gain different perspectives and to grow. Must people like to be the smartest person in the room, but let me tell you a secret, you will not grow and you will be stuck in the same place. Remember that your five closet associates will determine your level of growth and income. If you look at your friends and associates you will see that your lifestyles and quality of life are similar; therefore, if you know this why wouldn’t you hang out with people who are smarter, in better shape, wealthier and have the positive attributes that you lack? Let go of your ego and get out of your comfort zone and step up your game!

Work Hard

Successful people work hard. You may know someone that is gifted, smarter than you, or came from a well to do family and that may be true, but I have seen numerous individuals who had none of these attributes in the beginning. They wanted it so bad that they worked hard, day after day trying to achieve their goals and dreams. I just saw a documentary whereby Michael Jackson practice dancing until he could not standup and how he studied all of the great dancers and not only perfected their skills, but he expanded upon them. Everybody doesn’t see Kobe Bryant practicing and working out for hours everyday. They just see the results of his hard work of destroying teams day in and day out. When people see highly successful people they think that it is a gift, because it looks easy when they are doing their thing, but really they are working 10 times harder than everyone else.

Save and invest your money wisely

There is an abundance of money if you have faith; however, you must have more than one source of income, whether it be a business, your job, investments, outside business ventures, etc. and once you receive money you should have 5 accounts.

Account 1 can be used for long term savings 10%;

Account 2 can be used for investments 10%;

Account 3 can be used for vacations, cars, down payment on house, etc 10%.

Account 4 can be used for charity 10%

Account 5 can be use for monthly bills and expenses 60%.


Your body is your temple and you should take very good care of it, because if your health goes it will be difficult to achieve your goals and aspirations.  To ensure that you have a strong body do the following:

  • Establish clean eating habits;
  • Make exercising and your health a priority;
  • Get enough sleep.


According to the word Soul means the principle of life, feeling, thought, and action in humans, regarded as a distinct entity separate from the body, and commonly held to be separable in existence from the body; the spiritual part of humans as distinct from the physical part. With that said here are key components to develop positive spirituality.

  • Give gratitude, pray and meditate daily
  • Build Confidence through affirmations
  • Use Applied Faith
  • Develop an Attractive Personality
  • Be a Creator and not a Competitor
  • Never chase money
  • Be happy
  • Surround yourself with positive and intelligent people

These are just  few things that you can do to build a successful life. So stop thinking about it and start acting on it!