“Every man looks his best when wearing a suit.”

– Sam Ramsey

There is a saying that “no man can look bad in a suit” and it is very much true. Putting on a suit makes you feel big and powerful, and changes the way you see the world and even how the world sees you. When you wear a suit, you get a confidence boost and are able to take strong decisions.

Here’s why You Should Suit Up:

  • Positive attention: When you wear a suit you are spotted first, you look professional, and people value your presence and ideas.
  • You look mature: You look mature and responsible while wearing a suit and can gain everybody’s trust very easily.
  • Self-respect: If you take the time, effort and pride into wearing a suit, people will notice you and see you as a respectable and successful man. Also, it shows that you respect your body and make serious efforts to look good.
  • Keep the attention: A suited up man stands out from the crowd and establishes himself as a separate When you suit up, people admire you and get attracted towards you.

It isn’t just about donning a suit, there is so much that goes into wearing one. It is all about the glove-like fit and the attention to detail. Now that you know how important and great it can be to wear a suit, here are some basic rules of how to wear one:

  • Own the suit: You must own the suit from its fabric to its stitching, you should wear it like your skin and see how fabulous you would look.
  • Be aware of your personal style: You must observe and select the type of suit which will bring the best out of you. The suit should compliment your skin tone, hair, build, and also your wallet.
  • The buttons: There are some ground rules for the buttons on your suit and shirt. First, the last button of your suit should always be Second, you must unfasten them while sitting down. Third, the shirt should be buttoned at the top.
  • Fabric: The fabric should depend on how frequently you wear the suit. Consider getting a durable fabric if the suit is for everyday use.
  • Shoes: Your shoes should compliment the color of your suit, and the socks should always be covering your legs.

You are ready to suit up now!