Dress how you want to be addressed.

A shirt is a garment that has a full-length opening in the front and a collar. The front is fastened with buttons or shirt studs.

In the recent years, shirts have gradually created a solid place for themselves in wardrobes of men around the globe. With brands choosing bolder ways to stylize their shirts, there is enough variety of shirts available to you today.

But we would not be talking about shirts in general here. Rather, we are going to focus on the type of shirt which has evolved over time but still remains to be a top choice for formal events – the dress shirt.

The dress shirt is very different from your regular shirt as it is suited for more formal events rather than everyday use, as you will only look overdressed. These shirts are white in color, with french cuffs, wing collar, long hem, stud button holes and are supposed to be worn or look the best with white or black tie attire.

But just knowing the difference between the two may not be enough as everything about a black tie attire is very precise. There are many more aspects that you have to be aware of before buying one for yourself.

The Color If this is the first time you are buying a dress shirt, it is recommended that you go with the classic white as you can never go wrong with a classic white dress shirt.

The Fit It is recommended that you hire a tailor as only then you will be able to get the shirt that fits you well. It may prove to be a little costlier but it is definitely worth it.

The Collar It is the part of the shirt which is always visible. The collar holds your neckwear and so it has to be perfect. A regular turndown collar would do the trick. Just make sure it isn’t too tight or uncomfortable, and no gap is visible when buttoned up.

The Cuffs The cuffs are usually not given as much attention in the dress shirt. But, poorly cut or tight cuffs can kill your whole look. The cuffs should cut close to your wrists. However, make sure they are not too snug so that there is enough space for your timepieces.

Hope you now have the necessary information about dress shirt and will be able to get the best for yourself easily.