Fashion is a way of telling the world about yourself without even saying a word. Even the perfect suit can look plain on you if it is not accessorized well. The neck is a beautiful part of our body which needs some attention as it can change your whole aura into something glorious if it is accessorized smartly.

Why should every man sport a neckwear?

You have many options for accessorizing while you are getting dressed. But, the choices you make showcase who you really are. So, ensure that you make a bold statement through your choices and aim at looking ‘exceptional’ rather than just ‘acceptable’. You can exactly do that by choosing a good neckwear.

A good neckwear shows that you care, and went the extra mile for yourself. Having said that, getting a perfect neckwear for your attire and personality is a difficult task to do. There is a wide variety of neckwears available out there and choosing the right neckwear for your attire and look is quite a task.

Here are some types of neckwear:

Four in Hand Necktie: This is the tie most of us are familiar with and is certainly appropriate for most formal occasions.

Skinny Necktie: Lately these ties have gained immense popularity. Skinny neckties give you an edgy look and go well with semi-casual attires.

Bowtie: The bowtie is a must have for truly formal events. Bowties look good on your everyday wear suits, as well.

Mufflers: Yes, a muffler can be transformed into an unbeatable neck accessory when the selection of it is precise and according to your attire.

There are many forms of neckwear available to men and the classic four in hand necktie is the most preferred choice of most men. They wear it to work every day as it goes well with the business attire. But, not everyone knows how to wear one with perfection. Here are some tips that will help you rock your neckwear like a pro:

Proper Length: Make sure the tip of your tie comes right to the top of your belt buckle.

Tie too long: Use Windsor knot – it uses more fabric.

Tie too short: Use the Four in Hand knot – it uses less fabric.

Proper Tie Proportion: A large man should choose a wider tie whereas a lean man should choose a thinner tie.