Buy less, choose and maintain well.

All of us want to look our best every day but are usually not able to maintain as we believe that it costs too much. Well, this is a simple misconception among most of us that to look sharp, you need to spend large. This is very untrue as you can have a wardrobe that brings the best out of you without spending large chunks of money.

If you want your clothes to last longer and look fresh as well as sharp, you must keep them well-maintained. Clothes already cost a lot and if you would not keep them in good shape, you will have to buy more of them which will make it even harder to maintain them. However,  If you take good care of your clothes, they will last longer and save you from any additional spendings.

A well-maintained wardrobe

Your wardrobe is where you keep all your clothes. A well-maintained wardrobe can help you make your clothes last longer and look better. Here’s how you can maintain your wardrobe:

  • Organize it: You must keep it organized. Your wardrobe is not just a furniture to store your clothes in, rather it is a tool for organizing them and enabling ease of access.
  • Keep like-with-like: Keep clothes belonging to the same category together for a fast selection of clothes.
  • Out with the old: You must clean your wardrobe off the clothes you avoid or don’t want to wear from timt to time. If you are not wearing them, they are just occupying space. Consider donating them, someone will be needing them more than you do. Once you clean your wardrobe, you can concentrate on what you need to buy next.
  • Keep it seasonal: Separate your clothes according to the season. Store all the woolens in suitcases or under your bed in the summers. This will also help you make your wardrobe less crowded and more spacious.
  • Hang vs. fold: Know your clothes. You should know which clothes need to be hung and which are to be kept folded. This will help you retain the shape of your clothes.

Smart Buying

In addition to maintaining your wardrobe, you also need to start buying smartly. You must choose quality over quantity. Buying fewer clothes with better quality is better than buying more clothes of low quality which get ruined after a wash or two.

Though we recommend you buy overly expensive clothes, but you should buy them once in a while to make your wardrobe more versatile. Also, you will be able to afford highest quality outfits once you are able to control maintenance costs for them. Moreover, by keeping your wardrobe organized, clean and accessible, you will be able to sort your fashion needs and enhance your style.