“With an evening coat and a white tie anybody, even a stockbroker, can gain a reputation for being civilized.” __ Oscar Wilde

The Gentleman’s Attire

Your wardrobe cannot be complete without a suit. It is a global mark of reputation, character and style. Formal wear make you look good. Moreover, formal wear are so influential that you can make a statement with them without even uttering a word.

Suits have always been a symbol of class, success and maturity, and once you are in one, you showcase the same qualities. When you wear a suit, you look powerful as well as reliable. Formals are suitable for every occasion. Be it a business meeting or a wedding, you will always look sharp and elegant in formals.

Well, formal wear is a very broad term. There are different types of suits dedicated to particular events, and with very strict rules of when and how to wear them. If you do not follow the rules correctly you might end up looking just average.

Different types of formal wear have been explained below:

  • Black Tie Dress Code: The Black tie attire, tuxedo, looks simple to wear. Some white here, some black there. But, numerous variables need to be taken under consideration for appropriately pulling off a tuxedo. For example, it is to be worn only in the evening (after 6 p.m.) and there are many other rules for wearing a tuxedo. Also, perfect decisions must be made on everything, from collars to shoes.
  • Business: This is the type of formal wear we are used to seeing in most formal events. It is all about a dark, solid colored suit, with a white dress shirt, a conservative tie, and leather oxford shoes. This is the basic business attire which is usually requested on invitations to formal events. It is not as strict as black tie, and so you can play around a little. But, its most powerful quality is its simplicity. So, make sure you do not take that away with unnecessary bling.
  • Business Casual: This is the attire most of us wear to office. It is the type of formal wear which makes you look sharp but is still comfortable to work in and can be worn on a regular basis. This attire usually consists of a blazer jacket with a solid colored shirt, trousers and formal shoes.

Now that you are aware of the different types of formal wear you can own, Suit Up!