Gentleman Blue is the blueprint for being the best man you can be “The complete and total man”.The website will provide insight on how to create your own personal style, improve your health, provide you with good grooming habits, develop your knowledge base, and assist in your career path, as well as assist you in developing a strong spiritual foundation. The website will also have excerpts and references from self-improving books and articles and from Gentleman Blue’s own editorial staff. We will show you how to select staple pieces for your wardrobe, how a gentleman should entertain, act, and what he should say it certain situations.

The majority of men’s style is derived from what they see in magazines, on the television and their environment. It is not their personal style. A man must understand the basics of style before they can deviate into developing their own personal style. One’s own personal style should not look “put” together, but be natural. It should be part of the man’s lifestyle, his environment, physical attributes, and his personality. We at Gentleman Blue thank you for visiting our website and hope that it provides you with your development of being the best you can be.

The idea of Gentleman Blue came about because a lot of men and women always ask me where did you get that suit, shirt, pants, sweater, etc., or they assume I am a lot younger than I actually am until I mention that I have grown children. They may ask me how did I get into business, or they are curious how I obtained a nice car, live in a nice home in a nice neighborhood, as well as live a good lifestyle . As I sat down and thought about some of these things it came to me that my transformation did not happen overnight, but it happened gradually and unnoticeable to me. I did not see myself as other people saw me. I saw myself as being the same person that I have always been. However, as I looked back I was just a shell of the person that I am today. I noticed that this transition that occurred was not from one particular source, but from numerous sources. I remember as a small kid my father use to stress the importance of being well groomed and well dressed. I also remember subscribing to GQ and Esquire in high school and college. The articles and pictures of these periodicals were very informative and inspirational, which provided me with a good insight on style and grooming. As far as my health I was an athlete as a kid, which kept me in shape and as I got older I had to become more conscious about exercising and eating right because my metabolism was slowing down and I was losing some of my physical attributes as well as my energy levels were beginning to drop. This is when I started joining gyms and learning how to lift weights, talking to people in the gym who I thought were fit and tried some of the things that they were doing, such as, weight training, aerobic exercising, and good eating habits. I found that if you are not in good physical shape it will be difficult to perform at your best. When you are at your best physically you will enjoy a better quality of life. The same way that you must develop your body and improve upon obtaining healthy habits you must develop your mind and spirituality to be the person that you were put here on earth to be — to perform at the highest level. With that said, we at Gentleman Blue hope that you review and utilize all the material on the website to assist you in becoming the best you can be.


James Detherage