Zap Stress Now with these Scientifically-backed techniques

Whether it is related to work issues or family problems, everyone feels stressed and tensed at some point in life. To a certain extent, stress is nothing to worry about. However, if you are currently living with high-stress levels, then you are definitely pulling your health and well-being at risk. Stress not only messes with your emotional stability or equilibrium, but also adversely affects your physical health. Here we have rounded up a list of some Scientifically-backed techniques to help you manage or reduce stress right away.

Breathe deeply: For effectively combating stress, all we need to do is activate the natural relaxation and recreation response of out body. The relaxation and recreation response or reaction is a state of deep rest that commendably changes your body’s emotional as well as physical responses to tension and stress. Deep and focused breathing is a super stress buster! It evokes relaxation response thereby reducing stress.

Listen to music: Music is uniquely connected to your emotions and its soothing power is well-established. Listening to slow, melodious music usually has a terrifically relaxing effect on your bodies as well as minds that ultimately benefits your physiological function by reducing the stress hormones levels, lowering blood pressure, and slowing down the heart and pulse rates. Music is a very effective tool for stress management.

Meditate: Meditation is a wonderful means to establish a connection with a deep source of joy and positive energy. Meditation is a practice that beautifully tames your emotions and stresses thereby opening us to inner peace and calm. It also makes your connections with others stronger.

Laugh it off: Scientists have claimed that more guffaws and giggles reduce your load mentally and also induce positive changes in your body. A rollicking laugh soothes stress and tension by stimulating blood circulation and aiding muscle relaxation. The outcome? A good, stress-free mind!

Take a nap: According to researchers, taking a nap during the day can effectively help you recuperate your calm. In addition, daytime sleep has a restorative effect on your mind and body, reduces your stress levels, and strengthens your immune system function by making reckonable hormone changes. So, a brief nap helps you relieve stress.

Take a walk: Walking outdoors gives your mind a boost, improves energy levels and alleviates stress. As per researchers, brisk walking alleviates mild depression and reduces stress hormones by boosting endorphins. So, walk your stress away now!

Talk yourself through it: Yes, you can be your own tension and stress buster. One of the most reliable and effective ways to zap stress on the spot is by using or engaging your senses – smell, sound, sight, taste, movement or touch. Explore as many sensations as possible to ensure you always have something or the other to relax and calm yourself. For example, if you love music, listen to different types and genres of music until you are able to discover the song(s) that instantaneously relaxes and lifts your mood.

So, which of the aforementioned tips are your favorite for reducing and managing stress? Let us know…