It is often said that the one who is healthy has hope, and the one who is hopeful has everything. The prominence of health is quite clear from this statement.

Different people have a different understanding of the concept of health. However, the concept of health is often misrepresented by various media sources and has been completely misconstrued in our culture and society. Health is usually confused with things like physical strength and thinness.

Well, in reality, health is a lot more than just feeling good or bad, figures on a medical/health chart or external aesthetic appearance. Health is not merely the absence of infirmity or disease. True health is rather a state of complete social, spiritual, mental, emotional and physical well-being.

Health is a resource that empowers you to succeed as well as reach your full capacities or potential. Health is therefore not the objective of living, but an essential resource for day-to-day life. You are affected by your health, in one way or the other, every moment during the day. Health is, therefore, a vitally important aspect of your way of life, and one of the most critical determining factor of the trajectory or path your life takes. Moreover, health is inextricably linked to happiness.

What does good health actually mean?

Being healthy means wellness in the areas of social health, physical health, spiritual health, and mental and emotional health.

  • Social Health: It encompasses the quality of relationships you share with your near and dear ones. All types of relationships are essential and they all affect your social health in one way or the other.
  • Physical Health: It is important for one’s overall wellbeing. Out of the various different dimensions of health, physical health is the most visible one. You experience signs internally and externally, such as pain, rashes etc. when you are physically unfit or unstable.
  • Spiritual Health: It is measured by the amount of harmony as well as peace you experience in your everyday life. Spiritual health involves your values as well as morals and how they affect the trajectory your life takes. If you are spiritually healthy, you are able to question the meaning of your life and distinguish right from wrong.
  • Mental Health: It involves psychological and emotional well-being. Mental health influences your thought process, feelings and actions. Being mentally healthy is about having positive self-esteem, meaningful social connections, and being capable of functioning well and dealing with changes.