Obverse is a privately held Information Technologies Consulting firm dedicated to providing the most reliable and cost effective Information Technology solutions available. Obverse was founded on the principle of providing quality computer support services in the area of software development. In the first year of our inception, our corporate capabilities have broadened to include:

  • Project Management
  • Business Process Reengineering
  • Web Application Development
  • Custom Applications Development
  • Database Integration and Development
  • Wireless Technology
  • Network and Systems Integration
  • Web Site Development
  • Product Development
  • Security
  • Telecommunications/Video Teleconferencing
  • Staff Augmentation

Our continued growth in revenue and staff reflects our dedication to client satisfaction. We have implemented a dynamic quality assurance process to ensure that our procedures are based on client needs. Our project management process incorporates tight corporate oversight and control, along with responsive project tracking and reporting. We obtain the best personnel available in the areas of software development, hardware, network services, information technology and technical staffing to help our clients meet their objectives.

Project Management

  • Project Planning (Problem Definition/Concept Exploration)
  • Requirement Analysis/Specification
  • Design Prototyping
  • Implementation and Unit Testing
  • Integration and System Testing
  • Release, Operation and Maintenance

Our approach combines our past experiences with understanding our client’s vision, goals, and objectives. To help reduce the difficulty in software development, we have adopted a process model that describes the various phases in development. The basic model starts with the big picture and then narrows down to the specific steps necessary to complete the project. This model is called the waterfall model or software lifecycle model, because it describes the phases of software development. Each stage in the lifecycle model proceeds one after another until conclusion.

Business Process Reengineering

  • Strategic Planning
  • Operational Analysis
  • Identifying Initiatives
  • Actual Goal

Obverse provides strategic planning with methodology, tools for faster business reengineering, and continuous improved initiatives.

We understand that successfully implementing an IT solution, within our clients’ business environments, begins with an intelligent design that encompasses business process objectives, legacy systems interface and migration, and future scalability.

Web Application Development

  • Our application developers have worked in many of the largest organizations
  • Our first hand knowledge and experience gained from working with these organizations
Obverse has vast experience designing and implementing web applications, and has the required personnel and skills to develop full scale enterprise solutions. We have developed unique business solutions utilizing web tools across a number of corporate and government platforms.

Custom Application Development

  • Our expertise
  • Java
  • .Net
  • XML
  • PHP
  • Oracle
Obverse has vast experience in multiple application development disciplines, from COBOL on the mainframe to the latest object-oriented development languages. We focus on implementing the right technology, based on sound business requirements, to successfully implement business-oriented solutions while taking into consideration existing system infrastructure.

Database Integration And Development

  • Database Development
  • Data Warehousing and Mining
  • DBA Services
Obverse offers a full range of database design and administration services for a wide variety of database products such as Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, MS Access and DB2. We provide: installation and configuration, back-up and recovery, database development, data migration, and customization of existing systems.

Wireless Technology

  • Obverse has implemented integrated mobile applications
  • We have development capabilities for Android.
  • We also had worked on iPhone.
  • We have capabilities for Windows Phone.
Obverse helps organizations extend their enterprise and connect seamlessly with customers, employees, and suppliers through wireless technology. Our philosophy is that a system can be viewed as a series of interfaces. A well-designed interface, implemented within a coherent, secure framework can easily support various dynamic clients–including wireless devices.

Network Services

  • Obverse understands network downtime.
  • Obverse can determine the most cost effective way to build network.
  • We OfferFull range of network services, from getting you started with a network provider to full implementation.
In today’s society, businesses of all types depend on highly reliable networks. Network downtime can be detrimental to the bottom line. Obverse understands this. We can assess your network needs and help you determine the most cost effective way to build or expand your network. We offer a full range of network services, from getting you started with a network provider to full implementation. It is part of our commitment to ensure that our customers meet their needs in the most efficient and effective manner.

System Integration

  • Obverse has built a team that is experienced with every aspect of system integration.
  • Assessing their needs.
  • Defining the requirements.
  • Building the solution.
  • Migrating to a new system.
As time progresses in the world of information technology, computers are able to do more and more, which means that businesses are able to do more and more. Taking advantage of this, in many ways, requires businesses to update their current systems. Obverse provides a full range of solutions that helps our clients to take advantage of the latest technologies.

Web Site Development

  • Website designed to promote the services and vision of the organization.
  • Discuss the organization’s background
  • Discuss how the organization provides quality services.
  • Analyze and understand requirements to recommend appropriate solutions.
  • Ease of use and intuitive design.
  • Informative content.
Obverse helps organizations to strengthen the presence of their services on the internet and provide sites to be used as a marketing tool, projecting a positive commercial image of their organization.

Product Development

  • A “next generation” enterprise solution.
  • Support companies to build rich applications.
  • Enhancing relationships with customers.
  • Building applications that are scalable.
A next generation” enterprise solution should enable companies to build rich applications that enhance relationships with customers, partners and employees.


  • Obverse is uniquely qualified to provide objective and comprehensive assessment.
  • Can design a security blueprint.
  • Security Awareness training.
  • Best practices.
Protecting your information is vital to any business. When is comes to sensitive data, it is imperative to keep it safe from hackers, anywhere they may exist. Data loss from failed systems is also a security issue since information is relied upon to conduct business. At Obverse, our vision is to ensure that your critical information, the lifeblood of your business, is secured with the best tools and knowledge available. We are dedicated to the task of reducing the risk of vulnerability to these valuable assets, and we specialize in the protection of data in complex systems.

Telecommunication And Video Teleconferencing

  • Interactive audio
  • Full-motion graphics
  • Facsimile machine
  • Full-motion video
  • Private meetings
  • PC graphics
  • 3-D objects
Obverse has e-Business solutions to address your company’s communications needs and ensure your ability to meet service and cost-control objectives. We offer dedicated competency-based practice – communications and product services.

Staff Augmentation

  • Obverse’s proven methodology maximizes recruitment strategies.
  • Improves retention.
  • Highest quality staff.
  • Finding, Interviewing and Testing Candidates.
  • Reference checking.
Our approach combines our past experiences with understanding of various organizations vision, goals, and objectives. We maintain the strictest standards in selecting candidates and finding placements. It is integral to us that we find the right person for every position we fill. We strive to offer the highest standards of service to all our clientele. Knowing that mutual satisfaction in job placement is crucial, we work hard to ensure we know our candidates and the capacities in which they will excel. We take great satisfaction in the productivity and happiness that arise from successful placements. As such, your staffing requirements are foremost in our eyes.