DC Emergency Management Agency

DC Emergency Management Agency (DC EMA)

District of Columbia Government/Emergency Management Agency (EMA) – Network and Telephone System Cabling for Command Center

Obverse installed one hundred and twenty-two (122) Cat 5e cable drops that included eighty two (82) cables for data and forty (40) cables for voice; also added and installed the required hardware platforms.

District of Columbia Government/Emergency Management Agency (EMA) – Install Network Infrastructure for the Mobile Command Center DC-10 Bus

Obverse implemented a wireless and satellite communications infrastructure for the District of Columbia’s Emergency Management Agency (EMA) mobile command center DC-10 bus. Obverse set-up this mobile communications process that allows EMA personnel to respond immediately to emergency situations by integrating a network server, laptops, wireless infrastructure and an INMARSAT mobile satellite communication system. This solution provides EMA with the ability to share data and video remotely with their personnel at the Emergency Command Center, as well as, improving the response time of sending and receiving data.