DC Department on Disability Services (formally known as MRDDA)

DC Department on Disability Services (DDS)

DC Department on Disability Services (formally known as MRDDA) – MRDDA Consumer Information System (MCIS)

Developed an enterprise-wide case and incident management Internet application for the District of Columbia’s DDS that supports Person Centered Individual Service Plans, service tracking, Medicare and Medicaid Waivers tracking, incident management, consumer intake, provider tracking, quality assurance issue tracking and management reporting to support the service needs of individuals with disabilities. The user community consist of DDS staff (202 users), 256 Provider locations, Department of Human Services (32 users), Department of Health (12 users), Police Department, and Court Monitors (21 users)

The technology used is HTML, DHTML, Microsoft Active Server Pages (ASP.NET) XML, and JavaScript running on an IIS 5.0 web server. The back-end database resides on a Windows 2000 Advanced Server using Microsoft SQL Server 2000. The upload modules were done using ASP upload components. Reports were developed using Seagate’s Crystal Reports 8.5. The MCIS application has over 100 modules and sub modules.

DC Department on Disability Services (formally known as MRDDA) – DDS Application and Networking Support

Developed web based applications such as, Training Information System (TIS), Project Development Tracking System (PDTS) and Consumer Assessment Needs System (CANS), along with providing ongoing technology initiatives, network administration and help desk support.