Staff Augmentation

[We take the time to understand your requirements]

Our approach combines our past experiences with understanding of various organizations vision, goals, and objectives. We maintain the strictest standards in selecting candidates and finding placements. It is integral to us that we find the right person for every position we fill. We strive to offer the highest standards of service to all our clientele. Knowing that mutual satisfaction in job placement is crucial, we work hard to ensure we know our candidates and the capacities in which they will excel. We take great satisfaction in the productivity and happiness that arise from successful placements. As such, your staffing requirements are foremost in our eyes.

Our Recruiting Process

Obverse’s proven methodology maximizes your recruitment strategies, improves retention and ensures each candidate aligns with your corporate culture, goals and competency requirements. Our success is measured by your success. Your people are your most important asset, so it makes sense to treat them like an investment. Therefore, Obverse’s goal is to assist your organization to recruit, develop and retain the highest quality staff possible.

Finding, Interviewing and Testing Candidates

We conduct our searches for candidates through a variety of channels, such as newspaper and Internet advertisements, networking, and personal or professional referrals.

All candidates are interviewed in person by our consultants. During the initial meeting candidates will be asked questions with regard to their work history, job responsibilities, and any other background information pertinent to potential placement. It is our belief that good attitude and a willingness to grow and learn are key factors in taking on a new candidate. After the first interview, candidates are tested on their software and work related skills. We will not consider any person for a position until they have been interviewed, tested and met our standards.


We check all potential candidates’ references thoroughly. Those individuals who are unable to provide references will not be considered for job placement. We consider strong, reputable references to be the most important factor in taking on or recommending a new candidate.