What is Style and How do You Define it?

What is style? Who has it and how did he get it? Is it even important? These are just some of the topics that we want to delve into, as we use this platform to help us evolve and become better people.

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What a Girl Wants

What is the first thing that catches our eye when it comes to men and style? Is it his shoes, the way he’s dressed, the watch he’s wearing or how well he’s groomed? What is it that a woman wants to see in a man when it comes to style and fashion?

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How to Transform Your Body into a Warrior

I know we live in a time where we as men don’t have time to do much of anything but try to make money to support our families and our lifestyles. Many of us work long hours or waste valuable time sitting

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What is Gentleman Blue

Gentleman Blue’s mission and objectives

Gentleman Blue is the blueprint for being the best man you can be “The complete and total man”. The website will provide insight on how create your own personal style, improve your health, provide you with good grooming habits, develop your knowledge base, and assist in your career path, as well as assist you in developing a strong spiritual foundation. The website will also have excerpts and references from self improving books and articles and from Gentleman Blue’s own editorial staff. We will show you how to select staple pieces for your wardrobe, how a gentleman should entertain, act, and what he should say it certain situations.

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Elements of Style

Everyone associates style with fashion; however the definition of style is: “a particular kind, sort, or type, as with reference to form, appearance, or character”. This means that there are different components of style

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Success Factors

Everybody wants to live a successful life, yet no one wants to do the key things to build a successful life. Success looks different for each person and the majority of individuals believe that having lots of money, a good job and material

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Fitness can be defined as the quality or the state of being fit. It is a general state of health and wellbeing or the ability to perform sports activities as well as daily activities. It is generally achieved through proper nutrition.

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